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Water Rationing Reminder
Central Texas is experiencing a severe and prolonged drought. As hot and dry weather continues, utilities in the lower Colorado River basin are implementing their drought plans and asking or requiring customers to follow water use restrictions. For more information on local drought restrictions, please follow the links below.

LCRA municipal customers following mandatory water use restrictions:
City of Austin
City of Cedar Park
City of Horseshoe Bay
Hurst Creek MUD
Jonestown WSC
Kingsland WSC
Lakeway MUD
LCRA Hill Country Water Utilities
City of Leander
Llano County MUD #1
City of Pflugerville
River Place MUD
Travis County MUD #4
Travis County MUD 10
Travis County WCID No. 17
Travis County WCID 20
West Travis County Public Utility Authority
Village of Briarcliff
LCRA municipal customers following voluntary water use restrictions:
City of Burnet
City of Marble Falls
City of Meadowlakes
City of Granite Shoals
City of Lago Vista

Covert to Drip Irrigation

Our Drip Emitter Conversion Kit -
For Drip Irrigation Systems Conserve water and save money by watering your plants directly with drip irrigation. Our kit contains everything you need to convert a pop-up spray head into a water-saving drip system with 6 spot watering emitters that can give you water savings up to 40%. Ideal for larger planting beds and gardens. Stop wasteful overspray and enjoy healthier plants while using less water. The City of Austin is promoting the use of drip irrigation. They strongly urge customers to convert or install drip in beds/trees even grass because Drip Irrigation helps prevent loss from evaporation.

Free Consulatation:
Give us a call or click on the free consultation link if you would like a quote on a new system or a drip conversion on your existing system.


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