We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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  • Rain sensors and freeze sensors are needed now! They are a piece of equipment that is necessary for a homeowner who doesn’t want to waste money or our precious water resources. Think about it, the weather in Austin can be unexpected, to say the least. The last few months are proof that the weather can change quickly. There can be drainage problem why rain sensors are neededmonths, even years of little rain, and drought like conditions to sudden downpours that last for days turning your beautiful lawn into a swamp. We can go from a sunny day to freezing temperatures and freezing rain. Without rain sensors and freeze sensors, you could possibly be over watering or even under watering your landscaping causing damage to your plants, flowers, bushes, trees, and even the turf. All of this can be costly to repair and replace as well as the possibility of costly water bills or even fines. Think about the times when the rain hasn’t been so plentiful and water rationing was needed. At those times did you or possibly someone you know forget to change the programming of your older system and you received a fine for watering during restricted hours or days? Or there is a downpour of torrential rain and you come home to see that your sprinkler system is going strong, watering your lawn as well as the rain. What a waste! Avoid all this and water responsibly, knowing that you are doing your part in water conservation while saving money.

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  • One of the best investments in any landscaping project is an outdoor patio. There are many different options for a patio from old trends (cobblestone builders) to the newest patio trends like the travertine paver patio.

    There is no right or wrong patio, but there is a “right” patio for you! Taurus Irrigation has a knowledgeable staff of landscape and patio designers to help find the best patio for you. More commonly with the new trends in landscape, folks are wanting more patio and less grass, even several different patios– creating a space for all occasions!

  • Water conservation has usually been one of the priorities due to the droughts that much of Texas was experiencing. Recently we have had a great deal of rain to the point that sometimes are streets have looked more like rivers, and our yards were looking like lakefront property, a lagoon or even swamp land. As the weather cools we have issues with cold weather and freezing temperatures, that sometimes takes us by surprise. We all know that our weather here in Austin can change dramatically in minutes. In addition responsibly maintaining and monitoring of your sprinkler system should be a priority and something that all homeowners should think about. Rain sensors and freeze sensors can help you water responisbly and help conserve resources and money! 

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  • Landscape Lighting Around a PoolTaurus landscaping and lighting we are the perfect company for your landscaping and lighting needs! Not only is drip irrigation the best for you and your community but they are the perfect company to hire for all your professional drip irrigation installation and maintenance needs, as well as your professional lighting installation needs for Bee Cave, Austin and surrounding communities. We not only takes pride in the beautification of the landscape that makes your home and community beautiful, but also the preservation of the natural resources, and highlighting not only the the landscape but the beautiful home that you take pride in and want to showcase.

    Taurus drip irrigation and lighting is the best choice since we understand the importance of maintaining any Home Owners Association regulations, stipulations and specifications. When we professionally install your drip irrigation and lighting we want you the customer beyond happy, and to make you beyond happy we will highlight your home and landscape, making your home eye catching and captivating, all the while keeping the HOA’s needs in mind and your neighbors needs as well. If you are wondering why we think of the neighbors surrounding you? To be honest because we care about you as more than a client, we want to take care of you as we would our family, if your Home Owners Association and neighbors are happy with the changes that you made to your home, as well as you, then it is something that makes everyone happy and satisfied. In turn our family is happier that you aren't getting that call from your neighbor upset that one of your lights are shining right into a bedroom window keeping their loved ones awake. We are happy knowing that you as the homeowner, are not coming home to warnings or fines from the Home Owners Association that you belong to. Simply put we care and make sure that all our professional drip irrigation and lighting is professionally installed, by people who care about doing a job well, making sure that all plans are approved by you, the city and your HOA and are not only happy and satisfied as a client but a life long friend, and a member of our family! Bee Cave, Texas, is a city with a unique and loving history, that values its past, present and future! It has a history, beauty and people who love where they live and take great pride in their city.

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