We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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  • Drip Irrigation is a unique type of irrigation which will save not only your plants but will save water in the process.

    It does this by evenly distributing the water, one drop at a time, evenly and directly onto the plant's roots. It can be used alongside other forms of irrigation, but on it's own it can often prove to be the best, most efficient irrigation systems to use.

    Given the generally dry conditions here in the Austin area, it's much preferred over more traditional standard methods of irrigation, which tend to waste water with excessive over-spray, as well as applying water where the plant generally doesn't need it. Additionally, water is saved by eliminating other obstructions, such as the wind while it's able to distribute water evenly and prevent any unwanted runoff or potential soil erosion.

    By focusing on the root, the plant is better able to maintain it's ideal moisture level, while creating deeper roots and abundant, fuller foliage overall. Drip irrigation in Austin can be used in home & vegetable gardens, trees, commercial landscapes, as well as greenhouses, row crops and even orchards & other trees.

    With the recent drought inevitably set to cause more restrictions on our water use in Austin, drip irrigation is one of the most effective ways to minimize evaporation while providing the optimum level of moisture, one drop at at time, for a wide range of gardening needs.


    A proper sprinkler irrigation system is essential for any lawn, which is why we at Taurus Irrigation provide you with the best in sprinkler installation, service and repair throughout the Austin area.

    From basic sprinklers to full, complex irrigation systems, our solutions will ensure that your lawn is as lush and beautiful as it can be, all while saving you time & money.

    We will also customize a sprinkler system to best fit your property, whether you may require a traditional sprinkler system, or if necessary, a drip irrigation system, which cuts down on costly water runoff. In addition to those savings, drip irrigation is the best system to utilize in order to lower water pressure while still achieving your goal of a lush, healthy green lawn.

    Whatever the specific requirements of your lawn, we will use the best green sprinkler irrigation system in order for you to cut down on cost & excessive water use so your grass is always looking its best, all while meeting your goal of saving money by cutting down on expensive over-use of water.

    Call Taurus Irrigation Austin today, we will work with you to find the most water-efficient & cost-effective sprinkler system for your lawn.


  • Springtime is Irrigation System Check-up Time

    Spring is in the air and everyone is gearing up for the season ahead. Cleaning, planting, tending to new blossoms and realizing that over the winter holidays the in-laws drove over three of your sprinkler heads lining the driveway. So along with the wonders of spring also comes the work. Now is the time for a sprinkler check! Give us a call or send us an email and we will set up a time to come by and test your system.

    We will check for obvious leaks, broken and leaking heads and nozzles. We will make sure that your controller is programmed appropriately for the season and type of turf you have. We will make minor adjustments to ensure that your sprinkler is spraying in the most effective manner. We will provide advice on any further re-piping or major adjustments that your system may require, and we will provide you with a proposal if needed.


    Why get set up on a sprinkler system service agreement?
    We service all brands of irrigation systems!
    It saves you money and keeps your landscape alive. Most people think their systems are working in top shape, but more than likely there are small flaws that over time result in dead grass and plants and water waste. Debris gets stuck in spray nozzles; heads get misaligned with foot traffic; there can be leaks that go unnoticed. Regular maintenance should be scheduled and performed either quarterly, monthly, or yearly. We highly recommend the quarterly maintenance option for most homeowners with the average sized yard, as this will keep your system in top condition.

    Your maintenance agreement will offer you:
    20% off of all materials
    Priority scheduling for emergency calls
    A 10 Point Service Assessment is performed at each visit:
    Set controller for proper seasonal settings
    Inspect sprinkler system for obvious pipe leaks
    Inspect functionality of all zone valves with volt meter at the controller
    Inspect anti-siphon device for leaks
    Inspect all zones for proper coverage
    Redirect spray to proper settings away from house, fence and concrete (if possible)
    Recommend elevating heads, moving heads, replacing heads if needing attention
    Inspect rain sensor (if applicable)
    Unclog debris from nozzles so that the water pattern is not distorted causing dry spots
    Inspect yard for possible drip conversion in beds


    Contact us today to schedule your first assessment! 512-233-0267

    City of Austin Irrigation Rebate

    Up to $400 of free money (rebates) from the City of Austin. Now, instead of having the city come audit your system first before you qualify for a rebate, they are letting customers schedule the audit directly with us! You may schedule your free Irrigation System Evaluation if you are a customer of Austin Water or a qualifying water provider, have an in-ground sprinkler system, and use more than 15,000 gallons of water per month in the summer.

    Rebate towards:
    Rain sensor or soil sensor (up to $50)
    Upgrade from spray to rotary nozzles (up to $100)
    Convert a station to drip (up to $50 per station)
    Eliminating a station (up to $ 50 per station)
    Pressure regulation components (pressure regulating heads, valve attachments, up to $ 100)
    Pressure regulating valve to lower entire sprinkler system's pressure (up to $ 50)

    We will check your system and help you determine an efficient watering schedule. We will also recommend irrigation equipment upgrades if needed.

    Irrigation Upgrade Rebate Residential customers of Austin Water or a qualifying water provider may receive up to $400 in rebates for making improvements to their existing irrigation systems to increase water efficiency. New irrigation systems and expansions to existing systems are not eligible.


  • Call Taurus Irrigation to convert your sprinkler irrigation system to drip irrigation for your home and gardening needs. Drip irrigation systems are ideal for those who are ecologically mindful and or live in areas such as ours in Austin where we constantly have to worry about water rationing and conservation. Drip irrigation provides a lot of advantages for your landscape that you do not get with the typical sprinkler irrigation system sprays which require precise calibration to be able to provide efficient and effective coverage. 

    Drip irrigation conserves water, resources and money. With our drip irrigation conversions you can provide a precise watering right down to your plant's roots. Taurus Drip Irrigation delivers water to your plants slowly, so that the soil around the plants does not dry out, providing daily usage of water to the plants they support. This leads to less evaporation and run off so less water is used to keep your plants beautiful and your lawn in pristine condition.  Also, there is no evaporation while using drip!


    Taurus Irrigation can install drip irrigation systems in all types of landscapes, including long narrow strips, which sprinkler systems can over water or cause a lot of run off and waste. Drip irrigation is also ideal for awkwardly shaped areas, trees, shrubs or gardens. Drip irrigation can be installed buried beneath the surface or beneath mulch so that less evaporation occurs and gardens, grass, trees, or shrubs are watered where they are needed at the root without wasting water and costing you more money. Why assist or help pay to water your neighbors plants, and yard? Do you see water running off from areas of your yard to the street or driveway yet still have patches of your yard that are dead or barren. Are there plants that are just not getting the water coverage that is needed and are slowly wilting? Do you have to remember to run out regularly to water parts of your yard, garden, or plants that the sprinkler system currently installs cant reach? Or have you lost plants because of fungi or other problems that over watering can cause? Why worry or concern yourself with any of this when you can have Taurus Irrigation convert all or part of your property to drip, the best way to water your yard, garden, plants, shrubs and trees? We can provide your property with the right amount of water, at the right times, slowly and consistently, with little to no waste. Drip irrigation delivers straight to the roots where it is needed most for all your botanical needs.


  • Enjoy Your Space (How a whole backyard transformation will make your life oh so great. Lights, irrigation and a landscape that conserves water.)

    Taurus Irrigation considers water conservation key to protecting and revitalizing our natural resources. We truly love our job and working outdoors making Austin more beautiful. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Exceptional customer service and quality products is what makes Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping the company that you want to call for your irrigation and landscaping needs. We believe that it is our responsibility to help conserve our natural resources, and saving you money, by directing the water flow and the amount of water to designated areas, providing visual appeal as well as elimination of water abuse and waste.

    Taurus Irrigation and Landscape also believe is enhancing the beauty of the natural beauty of Austin, we would love to help enhance the beauty of your yard as well as provide greater natural beauty with our custom drip irrigation we can transform and revitalize your landscaping of your yard. Not only is landscape lighting spectacular but it gives you security and a comfortable way to enjoy your property all evening long. You can transform your yard into the perfect place for an evening gathering with your family and friends. Why limit yourself to early morning or afternoon social gatherings with a combination of deck lights, patio lights and garden lights. Taurus Irrigation and Landscape can stage dramatic focal points, shadow lighting and spotlighting, all the while creating a romantic ambiance with features like moonlighting. We use energy efficient lighting so you are enhancing your landscape without raising your utilities. Our lighting is custom built and we take pride in our craftsmanship with a warranty on our services.

    Do your friends have those parties in the summer that are fun to attend but in the Austin heat can be hard to endure? Why not show your friends how to host and incredible party, which showcases your beautiful landscaping, including the gardens, trees, plants, shrubs and grass, green, lush, and, beautiful but also the perfect lighting to showcase your amazing outdoor wonderland. Taurus Irrigation and Landscape can assist turning your front and back yards into aesthetically beautiful scenery which is ecologically good and as well a savings to you on your monthly utilities. And the safety in which outdoor lighting can provide when returning at home in the evenings. Taurus Irrigation and Landscape is more that just a company wanting to install irrigation and lighting, they want to help revitalize the natural beauty of Austin in the best ecologically safe, efficient and prudent way saving you as a consumer money in the long run on your utilities as well. Taurus Irrigation and Landscape prides ourselves on not only our work and craftsmanship, but we also pride ourselves on providing ecological services that benefit the environment and the customer. This commitment to the environment and to you as a customer is why you should choose Taurus for all your irrigation, landscaping and lighting needs.


    We custom design our irrigation systems just like our landscapes - with quality in mind. Our irrigation designs wouldn't meet our high standards if we didn't use quality parts from respected, established manufacturers. A Taurus Irrigation system is designed for efficiency and to last...subgrade materials don't measure up.

    We use a variety of quality products in our custom irrigation systems. Based on the available pressure and other factors there are a lot of ways an irrigation system could be configured. Leave it to our Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and thousands of installations to figure out the best irrigation installation for you.

    A favorite of ours it the the MP Rotator sprinkler. It's extremely versatile and provides superior coverage, product durability and dependability.

    Rainbird has been around a long time and there's a reason for that: quality. They provide a large variety of parts and supplies, including innovative drip irrigation sprinkler heads that maximize water conservation. We are an authorized Rain Bird Select Contractor.

    Ewing and Horizon Industries are two of the most trusted irrigation suppliers and are well-respected in the industry. They both offer a complete line of water management irrigation products designed to reduce water use and runoff at your jobsites.


    All of the suppliers and manufacturers that we use stand behind their products - a quality that we understand and support. We believe in using only the best products on the market becausr it's a sound investment for you and we don't have to spend as much time repairing or replacing inexpensive irrigation systems. We don't use knockoffs or take shortcuts when installing our sprinkler systems. We offer only professional level quality installation, service, and repair.


    At Taurus Irrigation, we believe that client satisfaction is based on complete satisfaction - a quality design, tailored to fit and constructed with quality, dependable parts.

    Smart Water Solutions require sound investments.


  • You may schedule a Irrigation System Evaluation if you are a customer of Austin Water or a qualifying water provider, have an in-ground sprinkler system, and use more than 15,000 gallons of water per month in the summer. We will check your system and help you determine an efficient watering schedule. We will also recommend irrigation equipment upgrades if needed.


    Irrigation Upgrade Rebate Residential customers of Austin Water or a qualifying water provider may receive up to $400 in rebates for making improvements to their existing irrigation systems to increase water efficiency. New irrigation systems and expansions to existing systems are not eligible.

    Download the residential irrigation rebate application.



    Water Conservation program participants must meet all eligibility requirements and receive water from Austin Water or one of the following water providers:
    Branch Creek Estates
    City of Rollingwood
    City of Sunset Valley
    City of Westlake Hills
    High Valley Water Supply Corporation
    Lost Creek MUD
    Marsha Water Supply
    Night Hawk WSC
    North Austin MUD #1
    Northtown MUD
    Rivercrest Water Systems
    Shady Hollow MUD
    Travis County WCID #10
    Wells Branch MUD

    Customers of these water providers, which purchase wholesale water from Austin Water, are eligible for most Water Conservation programs and services. The program guidelines will say if participants must be Austin Water direct customers.


  • We Offer an Effective Irrigation Maintenance Plan

    To protect our clients’ investments, we offer an irrigation maintenance plan that includes:


    • seasonal sprinkler adjustments and irrigation system adjustments
    • scheduling irrigation intervals
    • matching precipitation levels with your irrigation system
    • adjusting timers to keep the sprinkler or drip irrigation system functioning efficiently
    • testing wiring from controller to valves so that we know they are responding properly
    • check rain sensors if they are wireless, or offer you one if you do not have one

      Water Rationing Reminder
      Central Texas is experiencing a severe and prolonged drought. As hot and dry weather continues, utilities in the lower Colorado River basin are implementing their drought plans and asking or requiring customers to follow water use restrictions. For more information on local drought restrictions, please follow the links below.

      LCRA municipal customers following mandatory water use restrictions:
      City of Austin
      City of Cedar Park
      City of Horseshoe Bay
      Hurst Creek MUD
      Jonestown WSC
      Kingsland WSC
      Lakeway MUD
      LCRA Hill Country Water Utilities
      City of Leander
      Llano County MUD #1
      City of Pflugerville
      River Place MUD
      Travis County MUD #4
      Travis County MUD 10
      Travis County WCID No. 17
      Travis County WCID 20
      West Travis County Public Utility Authority
      Village of Briarcliff
      LCRA municipal customers following voluntary water use restrictions:
      City of Burnet
      City of Marble Falls
      City of Meadowlakes
      City of Granite Shoals
      City of Lago Vista

      Covert to Drip Irrigation

      Our Drip Emitter Conversion Kit -
      For Drip Irrigation Systems Conserve water and save money by watering your plants directly with drip irrigation. Our kit contains everything you need to convert a pop-up spray head into a water-saving drip system with 6 spot watering emitters that can give you water savings up to 40%. Ideal for larger planting beds and gardens. Stop wasteful overspray and enjoy healthier plants while using less water. The City of Austin is promoting the use of drip irrigation. They strongly urge customers to convert or install drip in beds/trees even grass because Drip Irrigation helps prevent loss from evaporation.

      Free Consulatation:
      Give us a call or click on the free consultation link if you would like a quote on a new system or a drip conversion on your existing system.



      Using Common Sense (with sensors)

      Remember the freeze we just had? How many of you had to remember to run into the garage to turn off the system as you were in the middle of dinner, or away from home? Well, the great thing about having a rain and freeze sensor added to your sprinkler controller: it does the remembering and work for you!

      Rain and rain/freeze sensors are becoming "must have" components for irrigation systems these days. These sensors save time, improve system performance and conserve precious water. The high quality, easy to use device provides superior responsiveness to rainfall and cold temperatures and suspends irrigation immediately during rain and freeze events without your intervention.


    • Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping provides peace of mind with our irrigation maintenance plan. We want your investment protected and offer maintenance plans that provide seasonal adjustments, scheduling irrigation intervals especially important for seasonal plants and foliage, as well as we provide matching precipitation levels with your irrigation system. Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping believes that saving and conserving our natural resources is a priority in doing so we are also saving you as client money with less water waste and proper irrigation of your landscaping ensuring healthy long lives for your yard, garden, trees, shrubs, or other plants or foliage you treasure. Whether you have a sprinkler or drip irrigation system we can help make sure that it is properly functioning and adjust timers as needed for an efficient irrigation system.


    • How many times have you driven home to find that there is water just running down the street? As you pull up to your house the sprinkler system is still running and the water that is running down the street is coming from your lawn! How long has that water been running like a river from your house? How much is that costing you? Or what about that time of the year when we have to deal with water conservation and have days that we can not water or times that we must water in? Are the cities water conservation mandates and restrictions causing your lawn to be less green, not as spoiled and cared for as it once was? Do you have a beautifully landscaped lawn with a lush yard, beautiful plants and flowers as well as trees? Do you want to give your landscaping including your lawn and that beautiful soft grass that you can enjoy with your friends and family, the care and love it deserves while still saving you money and is the best way to conserve your resources. Subterranean drip irrigation by Taurus Irrigation can make sure that all your landscaping needs are taken care of with their drip irrigation systems. Taurus Drip Irrigation places drip tubing at the roots so that you are watering directly where it is needed for your lawn, your plants, your flowers, your trees or any other landscaping that needs irrigation in proper proportions. Taurus Drip Irrigation ensures proper amounts of water are directed in the correct areas, preventing water run off waste, or loss from evaporation which both are drawbacks of the sprinkler irrigation systems.

    • Landscape Lighting Around a PoolTaurus landscaping and lighting we are the perfect company for your landscaping and lighting needs! Not only is drip irrigation the best for you and your community but they are the perfect company to hire for all your professional drip irrigation installation and maintenance needs, as well as your professional lighting installation needs for Bee Cave, Austin and surrounding communities. We not only takes pride in the beautification of the landscape that makes your home and community beautiful, but also the preservation of the natural resources, and highlighting not only the the landscape but the beautiful home that you take pride in and want to showcase.

      Taurus drip irrigation and lighting is the best choice since we understand the importance of maintaining any Home Owners Association regulations, stipulations and specifications. When we professionally install your drip irrigation and lighting we want you the customer beyond happy, and to make you beyond happy we will highlight your home and landscape, making your home eye catching and captivating, all the while keeping the HOA’s needs in mind and your neighbors needs as well. If you are wondering why we think of the neighbors surrounding you? To be honest because we care about you as more than a client, we want to take care of you as we would our family, if your Home Owners Association and neighbors are happy with the changes that you made to your home, as well as you, then it is something that makes everyone happy and satisfied. In turn our family is happier that you aren't getting that call from your neighbor upset that one of your lights are shining right into a bedroom window keeping their loved ones awake. We are happy knowing that you as the homeowner, are not coming home to warnings or fines from the Home Owners Association that you belong to. Simply put we care and make sure that all our professional drip irrigation and lighting is professionally installed, by people who care about doing a job well, making sure that all plans are approved by you, the city and your HOA and are not only happy and satisfied as a client but a life long friend, and a member of our family! Bee Cave, Texas, is a city with a unique and loving history, that values its past, present and future! It has a history, beauty and people who love where they live and take great pride in their city.

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