We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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  • A healthy lawn and landscaping can still be achieved with the right irrigation system that can save the homeowner money...and time.

    Micro-irrigation systems systems virtually eliminates water loss to evaporation or wind. In addition, drip irrigation applies water directly to the root system of your landscaping without unneccesary overspray.
    Rainwater collection systems, a popular choice for Austin sprinklers, can take advantage of the area's rainstorms (one inch of rain equals about 600 gallons in a 1,000 square foot catchment area). Depending on the size of the square footage of a roof a homeowner could be looking at a substantial savings.
    Taurus Irrigation and Landscape Design provides choices that help increase property value while providing effective systems for healthly lawn and landscape maintenance.

  • Drip Irrigation is a unique type of irrigation which will save not only your plants but will save water in the process.

    It does this by evenly distributing the water, one drop at a time, evenly and directly onto the plant's roots. It can be used alongside other forms of irrigation, but on it's own it can often prove to be the best, most efficient irrigation systems to use.

    Given the generally dry conditions here in the Austin area, it's much preferred over more traditional standard methods of irrigation, which tend to waste water with excessive over-spray, as well as applying water where the plant generally doesn't need it. Additionally, water is saved by eliminating other obstructions, such as the wind while it's able to distribute water evenly and prevent any unwanted runoff or potential soil erosion.

    By focusing on the root, the plant is better able to maintain it's ideal moisture level, while creating deeper roots and abundant, fuller foliage overall. Drip irrigation in Austin can be used in home & vegetable gardens, trees, commercial landscapes, as well as greenhouses, row crops and even orchards & other trees.

    With the recent drought inevitably set to cause more restrictions on our water use in Austin, drip irrigation is one of the most effective ways to minimize evaporation while providing the optimum level of moisture, one drop at at time, for a wide range of gardening needs.

  • Call Taurus Irrigation to convert your sprinkler irrigation system to drip irrigation for your home and gardening needs. Drip irrigation systems are ideal for those who are ecologically mindful and or live in areas such as ours in Austin where we constantly have to worry about water rationing and conservation. Drip irrigation provides a lot of advantages for your landscape that you do not get with the typical sprinkler irrigation system sprays which require precise calibration to be able to provide efficient and effective coverage. 

    Drip irrigation conserves water, resources and money. With our drip irrigation conversions you can provide a precise watering right down to your plant's roots. Taurus Drip Irrigation delivers water to your plants slowly, so that the soil around the plants does not dry out, providing daily usage of water to the plants they support. This leads to less evaporation and run off so less water is used to keep your plants beautiful and your lawn in pristine condition.  Also, there is no evaporation while using drip!


    Taurus Irrigation can install drip irrigation systems in all types of landscapes, including long narrow strips, which sprinkler systems can over water or cause a lot of run off and waste. Drip irrigation is also ideal for awkwardly shaped areas, trees, shrubs or gardens. Drip irrigation can be installed buried beneath the surface or beneath mulch so that less evaporation occurs and gardens, grass, trees, or shrubs are watered where they are needed at the root without wasting water and costing you more money. Why assist or help pay to water your neighbors plants, and yard? Do you see water running off from areas of your yard to the street or driveway yet still have patches of your yard that are dead or barren. Are there plants that are just not getting the water coverage that is needed and are slowly wilting? Do you have to remember to run out regularly to water parts of your yard, garden, or plants that the sprinkler system currently installs cant reach? Or have you lost plants because of fungi or other problems that over watering can cause? Why worry or concern yourself with any of this when you can have Taurus Irrigation convert all or part of your property to drip, the best way to water your yard, garden, plants, shrubs and trees? We can provide your property with the right amount of water, at the right times, slowly and consistently, with little to no waste. Drip irrigation delivers straight to the roots where it is needed most for all your botanical needs.


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