We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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  • Enjoy Your Space (How a whole backyard transformation will make your life oh so great. Lights, irrigation and a landscape that conserves water.)

    Taurus Irrigation considers water conservation key to protecting and revitalizing our natural resources. We truly love our job and working outdoors making Austin more beautiful. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Exceptional customer service and quality products is what makes Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping the company that you want to call for your irrigation and landscaping needs. We believe that it is our responsibility to help conserve our natural resources, and saving you money, by directing the water flow and the amount of water to designated areas, providing visual appeal as well as elimination of water abuse and waste.

    Taurus Irrigation and Landscape also believe is enhancing the beauty of the natural beauty of Austin, we would love to help enhance the beauty of your yard as well as provide greater natural beauty with our custom drip irrigation we can transform and revitalize your landscaping of your yard. Not only is landscape lighting spectacular but it gives you security and a comfortable way to enjoy your property all evening long. You can transform your yard into the perfect place for an evening gathering with your family and friends. Why limit yourself to early morning or afternoon social gatherings with a combination of deck lights, patio lights and garden lights. Taurus Irrigation and Landscape can stage dramatic focal points, shadow lighting and spotlighting, all the while creating a romantic ambiance with features like moonlighting. We use energy efficient lighting so you are enhancing your landscape without raising your utilities. Our lighting is custom built and we take pride in our craftsmanship with a warranty on our services.

    Do your friends have those parties in the summer that are fun to attend but in the Austin heat can be hard to endure? Why not show your friends how to host and incredible party, which showcases your beautiful landscaping, including the gardens, trees, plants, shrubs and grass, green, lush, and, beautiful but also the perfect lighting to showcase your amazing outdoor wonderland. Taurus Irrigation and Landscape can assist turning your front and back yards into aesthetically beautiful scenery which is ecologically good and as well a savings to you on your monthly utilities. And the safety in which outdoor lighting can provide when returning at home in the evenings. Taurus Irrigation and Landscape is more that just a company wanting to install irrigation and lighting, they want to help revitalize the natural beauty of Austin in the best ecologically safe, efficient and prudent way saving you as a consumer money in the long run on your utilities as well. Taurus Irrigation and Landscape prides ourselves on not only our work and craftsmanship, but we also pride ourselves on providing ecological services that benefit the environment and the customer. This commitment to the environment and to you as a customer is why you should choose Taurus for all your irrigation, landscaping and lighting needs.


    You have a gorgeous yard you have worked hard at. Wouldn’t you love to extend your enjoyment of it into your evenings? Our landscape lighting not only looks spectacular but also lets you more comfortably enjoy your property all night long. You have earned it.

    With handsome path lighting to offer you sure-footed security, you can take worry-free evening strolls. We can create a romantic mood with moonlighting, while staging dramatic focal points with up lighting, shadow lighting or spotlighting. And you needn’t be limited to afternoons for garden parties when a combination of patio lights, deck lights can transform your yard into the perfect nighttime gathering spot.

    Taurus Irrigation and Landscape Lighintg Austin can design and install the perfect landscape lighting plan to answer the unique needs of your property. We work closely with the manufacturing rep at Unique Landscape Lighting so we are always 100% certain you have the best team working for you, and looking out for your best interest.

    Taurus Irrigation offers both LED and halogen low-voltage outdoor lighting. Either choice can provide dramatic energy savings over standard lighting. And our quality fixtures are custom built exclusively for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives right here in the U.S.A. You won’t find better quality, better service or better landscape lighting design.


  • Are you making the most of your beautiful home and landscaping? You bought a home, you probably took the time to decorate it to the way that you love and made it YOUR home. Are you a “do it yourselfer” and repaired, renovated and revitalize your home? What about your beautifully landscaped yard? Taurus Landscaping and Lighting can install low cost, efficient, low voltage lighting, that will make your home look exquisite Taurus Landscaping and Lighting can highlight architectural features, draw attention to the trees and other items planted in your yard making the best of your landscaping and home. Stop allowing nightfall and darkness to hide all the hard work that you put into your home and landscape. Showcase your patio or pool; create that ambient lighting that makes the swing, hammock or gazebo a romantic hideaway. Strategically placed lighting by Taurus Landscaping and Lighting can turn back time, well rather roll the darkness back lets be real, with a flick of a switch.

    Taurus Landscaping and Lighting not only is concerned about lighting your architecture and landscaping for beauty, we also believe in the safety of our customers and take that seriously. We use low voltage lighting which is safer, more efficient and saves you money as well. But we not only strategically place the lighting for beautification and enhancement of your surroundings but for security as well. We can highlight low hanging branches that are a beautiful part of the tree you do not want to remove yet can be a safety concern. Steps, thorny vegetation, changes in elevation, or even just debris on your walkway can be avoided with professional installation. And let’s not forget that a well lit landscape can deter potential intruders leaving less darkness for them to conceal in.

    The beautification that Taurus Lighting provides help focal points stand out. Textures unable to be seen in daylight are now in eye catching detail. You can have a resort like feel at home with accentuating the architectural features of your home, pool, patio, deck, guest or pool house, and of course you’re landscaping. Our outdoor lighting installation extends the time you can enjoy your outside environment. Enjoy later evenings out at the pool, create a romantic, secluded moonlit garden walk, or swing to spend your evenings with your family. Imagine sitting in your garden, or on your patio, maybe your deck, enjoying the night with a good book, maybe painting or drawing, whatever your imagination and hobbies allow outside in the evening with enough lighting for yourself without being a nuisance to your neighbors. Taurus Landscaping and Lighting can come out and take a survey of your property, consult with you about your ideas, needs and desires and create the perfect lighting to not only showcase your home and home environment but also provide safe passage and deter potential intruders. Taurus Landscaping and Lighting improves the value and is an excellent investment by creating a dazzling first impression for visitors.


  • Working late one night you drive into your beautiful neighborhood on your way to your lovely home that brings you peace and comfort at the end of a long day. As you near your home you slow down and see that one of your neighbor’s has taken their landscaping to the next level with professional landscaping and lighting highlighting their home. You slow to almost a stop looking at their landscaping and noticing how the lighting was enhancing not only the yard and scenery but made the home look warmer, more welcoming! You see local seasonal flowers that are beautiful, greenery that enhances and does not obstruct views which could be dangerous. And that large beautiful tree in their yard is now enhanced with the landscape added and lighting around it. You speed up and continue home wondering why you still have the normal bland flower garden and your yard front and back could use a new look. As you drive into your driveway and park in your garage you think of your family and loved ones, that lighting provides security as well as beautification to the home and landscape of the land. Taurus Landscaping and Lighting installation should be your first call, providing you with both your landscaping and lighting desires! 

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