We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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  • A healthy lawn and landscaping can still be achieved with the right irrigation system that can save the homeowner money...and time.

    Micro-irrigation systems systems virtually eliminates water loss to evaporation or wind. In addition, drip irrigation applies water directly to the root system of your landscaping without unneccesary overspray.
    Rainwater collection systems, a popular choice for Austin sprinklers, can take advantage of the area's rainstorms (one inch of rain equals about 600 gallons in a 1,000 square foot catchment area). Depending on the size of the square footage of a roof a homeowner could be looking at a substantial savings.
    Taurus Irrigation and Landscape Design provides choices that help increase property value while providing effective systems for healthly lawn and landscape maintenance.

  • Taurus Irrigation - Smart Water

    On a sunny and clear Austin, Texas day...

    there's usually a lawn, tree or some other flora that could stand a little relief. Granted, Austin has experienced an unusual amount of rain this past summer of 2007, but - typical of this region - the weather pattern has changed and we're right back to hot and dry ground. That's where we come in.

    Taurus Irrigation and Landscape Design is about Client Satisfaction, Keeping Austin Green, and Smart Water Solutions. We don't like to put those concepts in any particular order because we feel they are all equally important.

    Our Staff and Philosophy
    Our engineering and general staff are committed to exceptional customer service and delivering quality products (what else is there?). We are a small business - and we like it that way - whose staff truly enjoys the work that they do: it's outdoors and we help transform and revitalize Austin's landscaping.

    We believe in water conservation and the protection of our natural resources. While it may seem to be a contrary position for an irrigation company, we believe the opposite is true: a good irrigation and landscape design not only enhances asthetic appeal, but it goes a long way to directing water flow and infiltration.
    It's that type of thinking that helps to minimize or virtually eliminate wasted water (and, consequently, save on utility bills).

    Our Warranty
    Taurus Irrigation and Landscape Design stands behind its products. As such, we provide a three year warranty on our craftsmanship and a one year warranty on parts used in your irrigation system that we designed and installed.

    Our warranty is null and void if the system we designed and installed is neglected or abused. We also are not responsible for damages sustained to our systems or landscaping as the result of Mother Nature (that whole flooding, lightening, severe weather thing that occasionally rumbles through our city).


    We custom design our irrigation systems just like our landscapes - with quality in mind. Our irrigation designs wouldn't meet our high standards if we didn't use quality parts from respected, established manufacturers. A Taurus Irrigation system is designed for efficiency and to last...subgrade materials don't measure up.

    We use a variety of quality products in our custom irrigation systems. Based on the available pressure and other factors there are a lot of ways an irrigation system could be configured. Leave it to our Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and thousands of installations to figure out the best irrigation installation for you.

    A favorite of ours it the the MP Rotator sprinkler. It's extremely versatile and provides superior coverage, product durability and dependability.

    Rainbird has been around a long time and there's a reason for that: quality. They provide a large variety of parts and supplies, including innovative drip irrigation sprinkler heads that maximize water conservation. We are an authorized Rain Bird Select Contractor.

    Ewing and Horizon Industries are two of the most trusted irrigation suppliers and are well-respected in the industry. They both offer a complete line of water management irrigation products designed to reduce water use and runoff at your jobsites.


    All of the suppliers and manufacturers that we use stand behind their products - a quality that we understand and support. We believe in using only the best products on the market becausr it's a sound investment for you and we don't have to spend as much time repairing or replacing inexpensive irrigation systems. We don't use knockoffs or take shortcuts when installing our sprinkler systems. We offer only professional level quality installation, service, and repair.


    At Taurus Irrigation, we believe that client satisfaction is based on complete satisfaction - a quality design, tailored to fit and constructed with quality, dependable parts.

    Smart Water Solutions require sound investments.


  • We provide the highest level of repair, service and installation of automatic sprinkler irrigation systems in the greater Austin metropolitan area. Our projects range from basic system installation to complex irrigation systems. A professional installation of a sprinkler system in will not only make your lawn as beautiful as it can be, it will also save you money and time!


    Do you have low water pressure in your area? If so, then a drip system is probably the best way to go to maximize your available water pressure and still achieve your goal of a beautiful, healthy lawn. Drip irrigation systems use less water and can be applied only to those areas of your lawn that need it the most. Drip irrigation systems also cut down on costly runoff, especially if you live in hilly area. It's about conserving water, not wasting it - that's why our systems are Smart Water Solutions.

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