We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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Drip Irrigation Systems

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The City of Austin is leaning more towards drip irrigation these days. In our opinion, this move should not only be local but statewide. Other states have been closely monitoring irrigation system's designs, and in some areas only allowing drip irrigation. As of recently, the COA has been trying to enforce more rules and trying to allow drip irrigation during certain levels of drought.


If we are converting all or some of your existing sprinkler system to drip irrigation, it is done the same way as installing a new system. The only difference is that we use specific parts that reduces flow and have a self containing filter.


Bubblers for trees/shrubs do not need to be pressure regulated like drip. The buried PVC tubing can handle higher pressures. We typically put bubblers on their own zones as separate from sprinkler heads or drip tubing. The more individual zones one has on their system, the more control they have over their landscape. All plant types have different watering needs so a variety of equipment are normally incorporated into your irrigation design.

Each drip irrigation system installation is different so we have several outstanding products we recommend.

For trees and shrubs we recommend installing Irritrol or Rainbird bubblers. Each irrigation bubbler is adjustable from .5 GPM to 5 GPM.

For gardens and flower beds we recommend installing Rainbird Coppershield drip tubing. There is a 12" space between each emitter. Each drip irrigation system is usually built in grid for proper pressure during distribution. This tubing emits water at a slow rate with virtually no evaporation. This drip irrigation tubing eliminates major run-off issues that are common with sprinkler heads that haven't been adjusted and maintained properly.


Most of the homes we have installed irrigation systems at in Austin use a combination of traditional sprinkler heads and drip irrigation but the trend is now towards using more drip irrigation as drought conditions continue and more customers become aware of the importance of water conservation.

If we are installing a new drip irrigation system, and one of the zones is dedicated to watering shrubs via Rainbird Coppershield drip irrigation tubing, then we add a special valve. This valve has it's own pressure regulator and filter, and is called a Rainbird Drip Kit. Drip tubing can only handle pressure up to 40 psi. The filter is on there to filter out debris from getting in the line.


Taurus Irrigation is a licensed professional irrigator in Austin. We can help you manage and improve your irrigation system and your water conservation efforts. LI#16729


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