We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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Landscape Lighting Around a PoolTaurus landscaping and lighting we are the perfect company for your landscaping and lighting needs! Not only is drip irrigation the best for you and your community but they are the perfect company to hire for all your professional drip irrigation installation and maintenance needs, as well as your professional lighting installation needs for Bee Cave, Austin and surrounding communities. We not only takes pride in the beautification of the landscape that makes your home and community beautiful, but also the preservation of the natural resources, and highlighting not only the the landscape but the beautiful home that you take pride in and want to showcase.

Taurus drip irrigation and lighting is the best choice since we understand the importance of maintaining any Home Owners Association regulations, stipulations and specifications. When we professionally install your drip irrigation and lighting we want you the customer beyond happy, and to make you beyond happy we will highlight your home and landscape, making your home eye catching and captivating, all the while keeping the HOA’s needs in mind and your neighbors needs as well. If you are wondering why we think of the neighbors surrounding you? To be honest because we care about you as more than a client, we want to take care of you as we would our family, if your Home Owners Association and neighbors are happy with the changes that you made to your home, as well as you, then it is something that makes everyone happy and satisfied. In turn our family is happier that you aren't getting that call from your neighbor upset that one of your lights are shining right into a bedroom window keeping their loved ones awake. We are happy knowing that you as the homeowner, are not coming home to warnings or fines from the Home Owners Association that you belong to. Simply put we care and make sure that all our professional drip irrigation and lighting is professionally installed, by people who care about doing a job well, making sure that all plans are approved by you, the city and your HOA and are not only happy and satisfied as a client but a life long friend, and a member of our family! Bee Cave, Texas, is a city with a unique and loving history, that values its past, present and future! It has a history, beauty and people who love where they live and take great pride in their city.

Working late one night you drive into your beautiful neighborhood on your way to your lovely home that brings you peace and comfort at the end of a long day. As you near your home you slow down and see that one of your neighbor’s has taken their landscaping to the next level with professional landscaping and lighting highlighting their home. You slow to almost a stop looking at their landscaping and noticing how the lighting was enhancing not only the yard and scenery but made the home look warmer, more welcoming! You see local seasonal flowers that are beautiful, greenery that enhances and does not obstruct views which could be dangerous. And that large beautiful tree in their yard is now enhanced with the landscape added and lighting around it. You speed up and continue home wondering why you still have the normal bland flower garden and your yard front and back could use a new look. As you drive into your driveway and park in your garage you think of your family and loved ones, that lighting provides security as well as beautification to the home and landscape of the land. Taurus Landscaping and Lighting installation should be your first call, providing you with both your landscaping and lighting desires! 

Your yard is an important part of your home, and given the time you've spent on it, there's no need to limit the enjoyment to simply the daytime, when you can customize an outdoor landscape lighting solution.

We will set up and build your landscape lighting that will elegantly highlight your outdoor property while providing additional security for those evening and late-night hours that you spend outdoors. Our custom solutions will create the perfect flair, through dramatic lighting, shadow lighting and spotlighting in order to give the perfect accent to your yard.

With these personal touches to your own personal backyard landscaping, we can turn your yard into a perfect place to gather with friends & family in the evening to provide a warm, inviting feel to an otherwise dark, boring exterior. Our team will work closely with Unique Landscape Lighting, providing a variety of customized lighting solutions that will provide the perfect highlight to your own unique outdoor landscape.

We also offer both LED and low-voltage halogen lighting, both of which provide dramatic energy savings over more traditional lighting. Additionally, light fixtures that we use are custom built right here in the U.S.A. giving you the best in quality and service for your personalized outdoor landscape lighting.

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