We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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The City of Austin requires inspection every two years for their irrigation guidelines on all commercial businesses operating on an acre or more including apartments and HOA's. The COA will prohibit you from operating your irrigation system for issues they have designated as critical which can lead to all sorts of issues for your business. Avoid stiff inspection penalties during a commercial audit and ensure your systems are being properly maintained with our licensed team. We are licensed and insured for commercial and real estate irrigation. (license #16729)

Example of green spaces using drip irrigationTaurus provides the highest quality sprinkler irrigation installation, maintenance and repair in the Westlake and Bee Cave areas. We also believe water conservation is important and back it up with drip irrigation installation that can transform green spaces while using significantly less water.

We understand the difficulties of watering a property situated on rolling hills or spaces around your home that are easily susceptible to water-runoff. They can lead to:

  • Yellow and unhealthy patches of landscape that can quickly spread
  • Complaints from HOA due to run-off or lawn maintenance issues
  • A higher utility bill then you really need


sample commercial irrigation system installationOur team of experienced, water conservation conscious professionals can provide industry leading commercial irrigation and sprinkler installation to any business in Austin city limits or the greater Austin area. A properly irrigated system throughout your property can provide the following benefits:

Make a great impression with your landscape

Your business can make a great first impression on customers with a healthy lawn and landscape around your property. A Taurus installed irrigation system can help ensure water is distributed equally throughout the landscape to ensure its well-maintained. A healthy lawn has grass blades that bounce back up after being walked over along with consistent thickness and a green hue.

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