We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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Protect Your Investment With an Insured and Licensed Irrigator

a sprinkler head irrigating grassOur team is licensed and insured for commercial and real estate irrigation. (license #16729) You should treat your drip irrigation system installation and repair as an investment. Working with a licensed irrigator and insured team only helps protect the money you are investing in an irrigation system and ensure you are working with a team you can trust to install a quality system.

As part of new system installations, we provide a three year warranty on our craftsmanship and one year warranty on all parts used during the design and installation of your Taurus irrigation system. However please be aware the warranty does not cover neglect or abuse of the system after it's installed. Additionally it does not cover system or property damage related to severe weather.

Commercial Sprinkler IrrigationOur team of experienced, water conservation conscious professionals can provide top of the line irrigation and sprinkler installation to any business in the greater Austin area. From basic system layouts to larger, more complex installations, we have you covered. Looking to improve the health of your business’ lawn to leave a great impression on your customers? We can work with you to install a new system or repair and maintain your current system so it’s environmentally efficient and less costly while keeping your business’ lawn and plants healthy.

Commercial Sprinkler Installation

Taurus provides the highest quality sprinkler irrigation installation, maintenance and repair in the Austin area. Whether you’re a company looking to grow and sell plants commercially or simply looking to make a great impression to customers visiting your business, we can help. Our customer-oriented engineers will design a system installation and maintenance plan to keep both your investment and commercial property lawn or garden in the green. Different plants require different water levels and frequency, we can incorporate watering zones and products to ensure all plants get optimal levels.

Rainbird Sprinkler SystemWe offer sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and repair for Rain Bird systems throughout Austin and Central Texas. A Rain Bird sprinkler system can be attached to the water line provided by your city using approved valves from Rain Bird. Our Rain Bird systems typically includes multiple zones of mixed types of irrigation including highly proficient Rain Bird sprinkler heads to keep your lawn green while saving you some green. 

Sprinklers Used Worldwide

Rain Bird systems are used professionally around the world to ensure lawns look the best they possibly can since 1933. Rain Bird sprinkler heads distribute a curtain of large droplets across your lawn; reducing total watering time and conserving water. Taurus Irrigation can adjust your Rain Bird sprinkler system so the water is only replenishing your lawn and not falling on your house or wasted on your driveway or your neighbors property.

The Rain Bird timers are easy to setup and use and can schedule watering any time of the week. It also includes manual options to start watering your lawn immediately or cancel one that’s occurring without disrupting any future schedule. If you’ve ever driven past a home and felt frustrated the sprinklers were on even though it was pouring outside, Rain Bird systems can make it even easier to save you on your water bill. Along with the manual cancel option, rain sensors can be installed as part of the system or a connection to weatherradio may be used to prevent any wasted water. Your Rain Bird system can also be controlled with your smart phone with additional equipment.

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