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Drip Irrigation is a unique type of irrigation which will save not only your plants but will save water in the process.

It does this by evenly distributing the water, one drop at a time, evenly and directly onto the plant's roots. It can be used alongside other forms of irrigation, but on it's own it can often prove to be the best, most efficient irrigation systems to use.

Given the generally dry conditions here in the Austin area, it's much preferred over more traditional standard methods of irrigation, which tend to waste water with excessive over-spray, as well as applying water where the plant generally doesn't need it. Additionally, water is saved by eliminating other obstructions, such as the wind while it's able to distribute water evenly and prevent any unwanted runoff or potential soil erosion.

By focusing on the root, the plant is better able to maintain it's ideal moisture level, while creating deeper roots and abundant, fuller foliage overall. Drip irrigation in Austin can be used in home & vegetable gardens, trees, commercial landscapes, as well as greenhouses, row crops and even orchards & other trees.

With the recent drought inevitably set to cause more restrictions on our water use in Austin, drip irrigation is one of the most effective ways to minimize evaporation while providing the optimum level of moisture, one drop at at time, for a wide range of gardening needs.

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