We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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Landscape Lighting Around a PoolTaurus landscaping and lighting we are the perfect company for your landscaping and lighting needs! Not only is drip irrigation the best for you and your community but they are the perfect company to hire for all your professional drip irrigation installation and maintenance needs, as well as your professional lighting installation needs for Bee Cave, Austin and surrounding communities. We not only takes pride in the beautification of the landscape that makes your home and community beautiful, but also the preservation of the natural resources, and highlighting not only the the landscape but the beautiful home that you take pride in and want to showcase.

Taurus drip irrigation and lighting is the best choice since we understand the importance of maintaining any Home Owners Association regulations, stipulations and specifications. When we professionally install your drip irrigation and lighting we want you the customer beyond happy, and to make you beyond happy we will highlight your home and landscape, making your home eye catching and captivating, all the while keeping the HOA’s needs in mind and your neighbors needs as well. If you are wondering why we think of the neighbors surrounding you? To be honest because we care about you as more than a client, we want to take care of you as we would our family, if your Home Owners Association and neighbors are happy with the changes that you made to your home, as well as you, then it is something that makes everyone happy and satisfied. In turn our family is happier that you aren't getting that call from your neighbor upset that one of your lights are shining right into a bedroom window keeping their loved ones awake. We are happy knowing that you as the homeowner, are not coming home to warnings or fines from the Home Owners Association that you belong to. Simply put we care and make sure that all our professional drip irrigation and lighting is professionally installed, by people who care about doing a job well, making sure that all plans are approved by you, the city and your HOA and are not only happy and satisfied as a client but a life long friend, and a member of our family! Bee Cave, Texas, is a city with a unique and loving history, that values its past, present and future! It has a history, beauty and people who love where they live and take great pride in their city.

Austin and Bee Cave have some of the the most beautiful neighborhoods and homes. Some of these homes are our showcases for their stunning beauty, the idyllic scenery, nature, architecture, and community that is unparalleled. Do water restrictions during the summer cause issues keeping that beautiful, soft and gorgeous lush lawn that you spent so much of your hard earned cash, time and energy on into a brown crunchy yard of dead and formally green yard? Is your greenery, plants, flowers, trees being watered correctly? Taurus drip irrigation is perfect for you. Even during times of drought and water restrictions, drip irrigation professionally installed by us ensures that water is dispersed in proper amounts to each part of your landscape so that none of your landscape is over watered or under watered. We are also able to schedule a maintenance plan that is perfect for your home and landscaping needs no matter what season it is or the nature of your landscaping needs. Drip irrigation saves on the natural resources so less water is used since it waters all areas of your lawn, scenery, gardens, trees or any other greenery and flowers in the perfect amount for every part of your landscape and home. There is no water run off, it follows all rules and regulations that may be required by your city, county, or state, as well as saves your money. Drip irrigation also saves you money in other ways besides just on your water bills, you no longer have to worry about sprinkler heads getting damaged by a kid, a lawn mower, or replacing ones that get clogged or ruined due to flooding and sinking into the lawn. You no longer are watering parts of your neighbors yards, driveways, sidewalks, cars, or fences. Drip irrigation navigates the water to only the areas of your yard that it is needed. Not only is not having to replace sprinkler heads a bonus in savings but it is also something that removes eyesores. By removing the old sprinkler system your yard is watered with you remove the eyesores and annoyances from sprinkler heads that pop up and spray anything and everything that crosses their path.




Taurus professional lighting is something that is needed when you have a home is an area such as Bee Cave Texas. Your home has a beauty that is eye catching during the day but what about breath taking at night. You want a home that shows off the details of your home and landscape such as the sculpture or water feature that you love, take pride in, and want to have as a focal point. Your home, your landscaping, your sculpture, water feature, garden area, or private deck all speak about yourself, don’t let that go unnoticed in the darkness of night. Have the beauty stand out, be breathtaking, even awe inspiring in the night with the proper lighting installation. Taurus can make recommendations, take in your wants and needs and make sure that your Home Owners Association and neighbors are not affected adversely so that once the lighting is installed you know you have the best installation of lighting for your home. Decks can have a lighting installation installed for a variety of needs from private family gatherings, to lighting needs for entertainment of much larger crowds. You tell Taurus what your HOA will allow, and Taurus can make sure that we can fit all your professional lighting needs from bringing to life your landscape in the dead of night, to offering a secure walkway to a picturesque view of your back yard in the evening, whatever your needs Taurus lighting can do it for you.

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