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Water conservation has usually been one of the priorities due to the droughts that much of Texas was experiencing. Recently we have had a great deal of rain to the point that sometimes are streets have looked more like rivers, and our yards were looking like lakefront property, a lagoon or even swamp land. As the weather cools we have issues with cold weather and freezing temperatures, that sometimes takes us by surprise. We all know that our weather here in Austin can change dramatically in minutes. In addition responsibly maintaining and monitoring of your sprinkler system should be a priority and something that all homeowners should think about. Rain sensors and freeze sensors can help you water responisbly and help conserve resources and money! 

Taurus can save you money with professional installation of rain sensors!



Rain sensors can properly water your yard.

Are you wasting your money and the water resources in your area? Do you forget to turn off the sprinkler system you have installed when it is raining, or when the weather suddenly turns cold? Do you come home and see that not only have you watered the lawn but the water that is running down the streets is coming from your yard due to overwatering? Do you have a rain sensor? Water run off can not only be costly to your water bill but it can also wash out flower beds, as well as cause root rot. You also don’t want to forget about the cost of not turning off your system or winterizing your system during the cold and freezing weather we receive. Rain sensors and freeze sensors can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage not only to your landscaping but the sprinkler system itself if parts of it get frozen and breakage occurs. Water run off during freezing temperatures can also cause issues such as ice forming on driveways, sidewalks, and streets, which can lead to not only slips and falls but fender benders as well. Protect your homeowners insurance, as well as yourself, your family, neighbors and friends by watering responsibly and monitoring your sprinkler system using rain sensors and freeze sensors.


Watering responsibly.Many cities around Texas are now requiring the installation of rain sensors and freeze sensors to help with water conservation and monitoring. Why wait until it is mandated? Why worry when you are not at home wondering if you the sprinklers are running while the rain is pouring down. Why should you worry if the person who said they were going to winterize your system really did that? Did they really get to that chore on the honey-do-list or their list of chores they need to do to do list, or was that an item that was shrugged off? Why even worry about this or have this as another item that you are struggling to fit into your busy schedule. Taurus can help you with these needs. Taurus can be the one to lift this burden from you. Taurus can install a rain sensors and freeze sensors that can save you time and money while providing relief knowing that your sprinkler system is monitored, preventing water loss and waste of money. Taurus can also help prevent possible fines or cost from bills due to injury ice caused by water runoff. Taurus has quality products and services guaranteeing that you will not only conserve on water, but on your money as well. Taurus cares about the Texas environment, the conservation of the wonderful resources that the great state of Texas has, and providing exceptional service to their clients that are not only considered customers, but part of the Taurus family. We care about our community and making our community beautiful, conserving our communities environment and resources while keeping those within the Taurus family happy and satisfied with the services provided. When you think about it, calling Taurus is your answer!



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