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Rain sensors and freeze sensors are needed now! They are a piece of equipment that is necessary for a homeowner who doesn’t want to waste money or our precious water resources. Think about it, the weather in Austin can be unexpected, to say the least. The last few months are proof that the weather can change quickly. There can be drainage problem why rain sensors are neededmonths, even years of little rain, and drought like conditions to sudden downpours that last for days turning your beautiful lawn into a swamp. We can go from a sunny day to freezing temperatures and freezing rain. Without rain sensors and freeze sensors, you could possibly be over watering or even under watering your landscaping causing damage to your plants, flowers, bushes, trees, and even the turf. All of this can be costly to repair and replace as well as the possibility of costly water bills or even fines. Think about the times when the rain hasn’t been so plentiful and water rationing was needed. At those times did you or possibly someone you know forget to change the programming of your older system and you received a fine for watering during restricted hours or days? Or there is a downpour of torrential rain and you come home to see that your sprinkler system is going strong, watering your lawn as well as the rain. What a waste! Avoid all this and water responsibly, knowing that you are doing your part in water conservation while saving money.

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Taurus is THE company that can make this easier. Taurus can professionally install a user friendly system, with superior responsiveness to the rainfall and cold temperatures. This rainsensor is also a freeze sensor professionally installed by Taurus will provide up to 35% savings on water usage, think of the savings to your pocket and the sense of pride you can feel at doing your part conserving water and resources. Taurus installs a Rainbird W2 wireless rain/freeze Rainbird WR2 sensor. Rainbird W2 wireless rain sensors exceed industry standards. It is a quality product that will save you money on your water bill, costly maintenance for your landscaping during crazy weather that we are prone to, and all the while being user friendly and dependable. Taurus installs a premium rain sensor and freeze sensor where every 45 seconds, the weather is updated which ensures that there is the most reliable communication between the sensor and controller. This his give you as the homeowner peace of mind knowing that your water is not wasted during heavy rains where your rain/freeze sensor, installed by Taurus irrigation, ensures that your lawn and all your landscaping is not further watered by your irrigation system.


Taurus irrigation takes water conservation, and preservation seriously! Taurus also values their family of clients! It is out of responsibility to install impeccable and reliable products, installation, and maintenance that saves you money, helps you conserve water, and peace of mind. There is no reason that your should not call Taurus, they are owned and operated locally in Austin and know the area and the climate well. Taurus will know exactly what you need and help you save money, time and sanity by taking another responsibility or weight off your already overburdened shoulders. What are you waiting for CALL TAURUS NOW!


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