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Irrigation System Maintenance

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We Offer an Effective Irrigation Maintenance Plan

To protect our clients’ investments, we offer an irrigation maintenance plan that includes:


  • seasonal sprinkler adjustments and irrigation system adjustments
  • scheduling irrigation intervals
  • matching precipitation levels with your irrigation system
  • adjusting timers to keep the sprinkler or drip irrigation system functioning efficiently
  • testing wiring from controller to valves so that we know they are responding properly
  • check rain sensors if they are wireless, or offer you one if you do not have one

      An improperly maintained irrigation system can devastate your lawn and gardens. The damage may not stop there. Such is the case when a irrigation system is illegally installed without the proper permit and correct equipment to prevent damage and contamination to your drinking water.

      Breakdowns are unavoidable with any mechanical system, and home irrigation systems and home sprinkler systems are no exception. There are several reasons that a irrigation system may fail. Children at play may disturb heads and mowers frequently cause sprinkler heads to break or become misaligned. Sunken sprinkler heads can occur after heavy rains, and debris can enter the irrigation system and upset seals and or clog your sprinkler nozzles. But the much larger problem we find especially on self installed or improperly installed irrigation is underground leaks to which can lead to gallons if not hundreds of gallons of water waste.

      Although each system, whether commercial or residential, will be different, There are some aspects that are essential and included in our irrigation maintenance plan:

      • An inspection of all zones to ensure they have matching precipitation levels
      • Ensure that coverage is complete and not redundant
      • Adjust timers and schedule intervals during cooler parts of the day to prevent water loss due to evaporation
      • Make sure that no zones are over watered, which can reduce runoff and water waste while improving plant health.
      • Check rain sensors, wire connections, backup batteries and back flow valves.
      • Inspect and clean screens and replace if necessary.

      Scheduling Irrigation System Service

      If the irrigation system was properly installed, an irrigation maintenance plan that follows proper winterization practices may be enough. Still, some clients may prefer to leave adjusting timers and spray arcs and scheduling intervals to a professional.


      We Charge for our Irrigation Maintenance Plans Appropriately
      We set up an appropriate arrangements with our clients to keep up with their irrigation system maintenance needs . What we charge our clients will largely depend on the frequency of the visits, scale of the system and scope of the procedures.

      Long-term Savings
      In order to protect your investment, want to help you understand the importance of regular maintenance. Like HVAC systems, and automobiles if things aren't tended to properly, you are destined to spend more money later to repair or replace the system's problems. Proper maintenance of your sprinkler system will prevent misaligned heads which are improperly calibrated that can add up to hundreds of gallons of annual loss and an unnecessarily high utility bills. Customers may also have collateral damages to plants or their material costs may increase even more as grass and other foliage may need to be replaced.


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