We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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Subterranean Irrigation Systems

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How many times have you driven home to find that there is water just running down the street? As you pull up to your house the sprinkler system is still running and the water that is running down the street is coming from your lawn! How long has that water been running like a river from your house? How much is that costing you? Or what about that time of the year when we have to deal with water conservation and have days that we can not water or times that we must water in? Are the cities water conservation mandates and restrictions causing your lawn to be less green, not as spoiled and cared for as it once was? Do you have a beautifully landscaped lawn with a lush yard, beautiful plants and flowers as well as trees? Do you want to give your landscaping including your lawn and that beautiful soft grass that you can enjoy with your friends and family, the care and love it deserves while still saving you money and is the best way to conserve your resources. Subterranean drip irrigation by Taurus Irrigation can make sure that all your landscaping needs are taken care of with their drip irrigation systems. Taurus Drip Irrigation places drip tubing at the roots so that you are watering directly where it is needed for your lawn, your plants, your flowers, your trees or any other landscaping that needs irrigation in proper proportions. Taurus Drip Irrigation ensures proper amounts of water are directed in the correct areas, preventing water run off waste, or loss from evaporation which both are drawbacks of the sprinkler irrigation systems.



To be honest it is hard to think of a reason why drip irrigation by Taurus would not be the best answer for most people. Water conservation is just the tip of the iceberg. What about the cost for all the sprinkler heads that had to be replaced that were damaged by lawn mowers, kids, animals or some other mystical creature that comes up to mutilate the sprinkler heads that you just installed. What about the beauty of drip irrigation you can’t see the irrigation that is occurring but it is happening! No sprinkler heads spraying back and forth that you, your friends and family or even visitors have to dodge to get to your front door. No worries about if the system was turned off or re-timed for the water restrictions that became mandated. No coming home to find that you have received a fine for not following the city, county, or state mandates, and water restrictions that were instituted. Drip Irrigation is maintenance free and saves your money by placing the grass on top of the drip hoses. Why water your lawn by the old fashioned sprinkler method that is harder to control how much water is directed at an area, it is easy to over water areas, and also waste a lot to evaporation? Or how many sprinkler heads do you have to replace each year? How many times have you started the system to forget about it and waste all that water and run up your bill? Taurus Drip Irrigation is the answer for everyone! For those who are environmentally inclined the water conservation alone should draw you, for those who like to save money your using less water to water your lawn in the most effective manner at the roots and no maintenance! For those who like to have the best lawn and garden in the neighborhood. Do you have the yard that the neighbors envy? Why not hide that irrigation system so it’s no longer eye sore. Stop watering the neighbors or the driveway! Stop wasting money and water! Call Taurus Irrigation today and schedule a time for an expert come out and determine the best way to keep your lawn irrigated with drip irrigation, by Taurus!


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