We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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We at Taurus Irrigation and Landscape Austin can help you design and install a new landscape design tailored for your needs. We can help you with the following:

• Water feature installations and design
• Low voltage landscape lighting
• Stepping stone and rock paths
• Lawn/sod installation
• Tree and plant installation
• Rainwater collection and distribution

With the recent talk about draught in central Texas, we are well aware of landscape designs to help minimize the use of water. Most homeowners are very attached to grass and the basic shrubbery surrounding the home and back border of fence in back yard. We help you envision a plan that is 1/4th the amount of grass or absolutely none at all. We can acheive the look you desire through placement of boulders, creating new elevations in yard, patios, decks, fencing, small storage sheds, and native shrubs and trees.

Visit our patio, fencing, landscape lighting, and tree trimming and removal pages for more information about the landscaping services we offer.

Please call us at 512-233-0267 for more information about our landscaping services or to schedule an appointment.



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