We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping provides peace of mind with our irrigation maintenance plan. We want your investment protected and offer maintenance plans that provide seasonal adjustments, scheduling irrigation intervals especially important for seasonal plants and foliage, as well as we provide matching precipitation levels with your irrigation system. Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping believes that saving and conserving our natural resources is a priority in doing so we are also saving you as client money with less water waste and proper irrigation of your landscaping ensuring healthy long lives for your yard, garden, trees, shrubs, or other plants or foliage you treasure. Whether you have a sprinkler or drip irrigation system we can help make sure that it is properly functioning and adjust timers as needed for an efficient irrigation system.



Are you aware of the cost that can occur if your irrigation system is not properly installed or maintained? The cost is not just limited to lawn and garden disasters and devastations but improperly, illegally installed systems those done without permits could be contaminating the very water that you drink. Not only quality but the right equipment professionally installed using proper permits by highly trained engineers can prevent damage to your lawn, garden, and home and save you money. Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping has highly trained customer oriented engineers to install your irrigation system and maintain it for you year round for the peace of mind that your investment in your irrigation system, you’re landscaping, and home is safe. 


Real life happens it is unavoidable. Children can break or damage sprinkler heads and lawn mowers can cause alignment issues with the sprinkler irrigation heads. Heavy rains, snow or ice can cause sunken sprinkler heads and clogs in the nozzles or damages to seals. Accidents, weather and breakdowns are a reality of life, mechanical breakdowns can occur. Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping can minimize that with proper maintenance of your irrigation system whether it is sprinkler systems or drip systems. Improperly installed or maintained irrigation systems can lead to underground leaks and can lead to countless gallons of wasted water and your money.

Maintenance by Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping includes checking rain sensors, wire connections, back up batteries and back flow valves. We inspect and clean any screens as necessary. Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping conducts a full inspection of every area and zone to ensure matching, and correct precipitation, including adjustments of all timers to prevent water loss and evaporation. Taurus Irrigation and Landscaping ensures through proper maintenance that no zone is over watered causing fungi and improving plant health as well as preventing water run off which is wasteful and costly.

The cost to maintain your irrigation system would depend on the scale of the system, the number of visits and the scope of the procedures entailed however it is matched and appropriate for each client. Taurus Irrigation only charges for the work that they perform so we match the cost of the maintenance to the client and their needs.


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