We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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A healthy lawn and landscaping can still be achieved with the right irrigation system that can save the homeowner money...and time.

Micro-irrigation systems systems virtually eliminates water loss to evaporation or wind. In addition, drip irrigation applies water directly to the root system of your landscaping without unneccesary overspray.
Rainwater collection systems, a popular choice for Austin sprinklers, can take advantage of the area's rainstorms (one inch of rain equals about 600 gallons in a 1,000 square foot catchment area). Depending on the size of the square footage of a roof a homeowner could be looking at a substantial savings.
Taurus Irrigation and Landscape Design provides choices that help increase property value while providing effective systems for healthly lawn and landscape maintenance.

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