We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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Taurus Professional Landscape Lighting Installation

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Working late one night you drive into your beautiful neighborhood on your way to your lovely home that brings you peace and comfort at the end of a long day. As you near your home you slow down and see that one of your neighbor’s has taken their landscaping to the next level with professional landscaping and lighting highlighting their home. You slow to almost a stop looking at their landscaping and noticing how the lighting was enhancing not only the yard and scenery but made the home look warmer, more welcoming! You see local seasonal flowers that are beautiful, greenery that enhances and does not obstruct views which could be dangerous. And that large beautiful tree in their yard is now enhanced with the landscape added and lighting around it. You speed up and continue home wondering why you still have the normal bland flower garden and your yard front and back could use a new look. As you drive into your driveway and park in your garage you think of your family and loved ones, that lighting provides security as well as beautification to the home and landscape of the land. Taurus Landscaping and Lighting installation should be your first call, providing you with both your landscaping and lighting desires! 

Professional Landscape and Lighting is the best solution for those who love to showcase their home and landscape. They are locally owned and operated. A business that cares their community and the natural beauty your community has all the while bringing it to you, your family and your home for all your friends and family to share. Professional Landscape and Lighting from us can not only professionally create the perfect scenery for your home with seasonal plants, and flowers, as well as local shrubs, and local trees turning your yard into a picturesque view. Taurus Landscape and Lighting can also create an oasis out of your back yard. We can also maintain your landscaping as well as provide any drip irrigation needs for your landscaping, with a maintenance schedule that would provide proper care while saving you money and conserving resources. The lighting we install would be installed by the best of our engineers to enhance not only the natural resources of your beautiful home as well as enhance the landscaping and scenery around your home.

Have the shadows in your yard from your trees, shrubs, or maybe a bird bath, sculpture, or bird-feeder startled your love ones and friends when they come over in the evening? With the lighting we installed around your home and your home and landscaping are now breathtaking, inviting, eye catching and beautiful! Then there is the security of your landscaping and home having professional lighting installed. You and others invited over can see the path as they go to your door, navigate your backyard, patio or pool area all with the safety of beautiful lighting professionally installed. Our Lighting is installed by experts who take in account your needs, the exquisiteness of the landscaping we have installed or what you have already, and your home itself, highlighting and enhancing your home.

Taurus Landscape and Lighting is perfect for those with Home Owners Associations. They understand there may be requirements that must be met, regulations that must be abided by and specifications that must be adhered. We take HOA’s seriously and understand that you live in this community and we do want any plans or changes proposed to the HOA is approved immediately with less hassle. We respect your neighbor’s as well so making sure that your lighting is not adversely affecting them shining into their windows, or other areas that would be neglectful not to think of them. Taurus Landscape and Lighting care about making sure they have the best engineers, and supportive personal, treating not only their employees but customers as their family. They care about the conservation and beautification of your home, neighborhood and community so you know when you hire Taurus you are hiring the best there is at Landscaping and Lighting for you! 

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