We specialize in drip conversions and multiple zone combined sprinkler/drip or micro irrigation systems in conjunction with new landscaping and landscape lighting for a complete transformation of your property.

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Why look any further for an irrigation company? We are a local company that can complete all your irrigation needs from installation, maintenance and repairs, to converting your irrigation system from sprinkler to drip. We know the area, the weather and are the experts for all your irrigation essentials. Regardless of what you need, whether it be a sprinkler, drip or subterranean irrigation system, we can do it all!

Do you have a regularly scheduled irrigation company to service your system? Are you familiar with what would be the best system for all of your needs? You have an irrigation system installed but when was the last time you had any maintenance and repairs completed? Taurus can provide all of the services that you need in an irrigation company. We can inspect your landscape and/or your already installed system, provide an estimate and recommendations that would suit your landscape and your budget.


Irrigation Company That Saves You Money

Are you wasting money, energy and time on your irrigation needs? You may not look at it in such a way, however, when it’s your money and time then it causes stress. Stress takes energy and costs you money as well. Why stress over your landscapes irrigation? Taurus can be the irrigation company that takes these worries away, saving your money, energy and time for other concerns in your life. We can repair your existing system, expand it or make it even better by installing a rain sensor or converting the current system in your flower beds to drip irrigation. We can stop the water run off and waste of water due to evaporation We can even update the schedule of your irrigation system. Do you need the system reactivated after the winter? We do more than just install irrigation systems. We are the irrigation company that can repair, update or convert your current system. We can schedule regular maintenance, reducing the need for repairs and update the system for any seasonal needs. We are your local irrigation company. We know the seasonal needs for your terrain, and can provide uniquely tailored services for what is best for your landscape and you! Taurus is your irrigation company!

Taurus Irrigation
Austin Texas
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