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A healthy lawn and landscaping can still be achieved with the right irrigation system that can s

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At Taurus Irrigation, we believe in developing a smart, sensible plan for maintaining your lawn and landscaping while conserving water.

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Taurus Irrigation and Landscape Design, LLC specializes in sprinkler system installations and Central Texas native landscapes. Our business plan is simple:pro

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Free Irrigation System Evaluations


austin-irrigation-rebateYou may schedule a free Irrigation System Evaluation if you are a customer of Austin Water or a qualifying water provider, have an in-ground sprinkler system, and use more than 15,000 gallons of water per month in the summer. We will check your system and help you determine an efficient watering schedule. We will also recommend irrigation equipment upgrades if needed.

Irrigation Upgrade Rebate Residential customers of Austin Water or a qualifying water provider may receive up to $400 in rebates for making improvements to their existing irrigation systems to increase water efficiency. New irrigation systems and expansions to existing systems are not eligible.

Download the residential irrigation rebate application.

City of Austin Irrigation Rebates
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Austin-Drip-IrrigationAs a stand-alone or in tandem with traditional irrigation systems, we utilize alternative forms of irrigation for watering lawn, shrubs, trees, and gardens that do not require a broad spray pattern. In fact, a traditional sprinkler head would be counter-productive: too much water and wasteful overspray.

Micro-irrigation, or drip irrigation, applies water slowly to the roots of plants by depositing water either on the surface of the soil or directly to the root zone.  This minimizes water usage and potential loss to wind or obstructions, distributes water effectively,andminimizes soil erosion from runoff. We have successfully revitalized trees that are outside of a typical irrigation spray pattern by incorporating micro-irrigation systems that provided focused and much needed water directly to the root system.
Austin Drip Irrigation
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outdoor-landscape-lightingYou have a gorgeous yard you have worked hard at. Wouldn’t you love to extend your enjoyment of it into your evenings?  Our landscape lighting not only looks spectacular but also lets you more comfortably enjoy your property all night long.  You have earned it.

With handsome path lighting to offer you sure-footed security, you can take worry-free evening strolls. We can create a romantic mood with moonlighting, while staging dramatic focal points with up lighting, shadow lighting or spotlighting. And you needn’t be limited to afternoons for garden parties when a combination of patio lights, deck lights can transform your yard into the perfect nighttime gathering spot.

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Rainbird XFS DriplineThe city of Austin is leaning more towards drip irrigation these days. In our opinion, this move should not only be local but statewide. Other states have been closely monitoring irrigation system's designs, and in some areas only allowing drip irrigation. As of recently, the COA has been trying to enforce more rules and trying to allow drip irrigation during certain levels of drought.

If we are converting all or some of your existing sprinkler system to drip irrigation, it is done the same way as installing a new system. The only difference is that we use specific parts that reduces flow and have a self containing filter.  

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